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AQUAsatis reduces watering by up to 50 % and more! . Click = Videopage
NEW Watermanagement-GENERATION · AQUAsatis

Areas of Application

  • Agriculture
    • Vegetables - for the entire growing season
    • Fruit - new plantings / existing plants
    • Vineyard - planting / existing plants
  • Forestry
  • Cities / Towns
  • Landscaping
  • Reseeding

Advantages of AQUAsatis

Plants and roots treated with AQUAsatis develop significantly faster due to the increased and targeted moisture absorption. The plants ability to absorb available fertilizer and nutrients is enhanced due to the more consistent and longer availability of moisture. As a consequence, the plant is more resistant to drought, pests and stress. Germination is improved and the survival of seeds and shoots increased significantly!

All of this, even with the reduction of water requirements by up to 50% and more.

Consequence: The reduction in energy and labour costs; increase in energy yields and survival at transplanting; extension of the flowering period.
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