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Voices from the field
Healthier grape crop and a must weight increase of above 5% convinced me of AGROSOLution`s functionality.
Stephan Fendel, Mittelrhein (GER)
The results seen after the first clearance of treated sugar beet were more than a surprise. The 19.7% increase in sugar content and the enormous increase in yield were convincing enough. Next year, I plan with an extensive application.
Michael Allkofer, Sall an der Donau (GER)
Already last year, I noticed a must weight increase of up to 2°KMW in areas where AGROSOLution was applied. Irrespective of this year’s increased incidence of disease, the foliage remained green and healthy. I was one of the last to harvest but had good quality grapes till the end. I am also overwhelmed by the sugar content.
Edmund Rücker, Unterretzbach (AUT)
Already after the first application on horseradish, the positive result became visible via the stronger and more vital leaves. I became finally convinced once I saw the high yield, which was attained irrespective of the extreme dryness and hail. Naturally, I will continue applying AGROSOLution.
Franz Fruhmann, St. Peter am Ottersbach (AUT)
This year, I applied AGROSOLution to half an acre of winter durum. Due to severe heat during the harvest, the untreated crop lost up to 40% of its volume and its quality. The AGROSOLution field showed in comparison a yield increase of approx. 3,000kg/ha.
Josef Palme, Gänserndorf (AUT)
Longer inflorescence and a larger flag leaf were clearly visible by winter wheat treated with AGROSOLution. This observation was further reflected in the yield (+1,200kg) and in hectoliter (+4.3%).
Harald Tschiggerl, Halbenrain (AUT)
Thanks to AGROSOLution, we could increase our maize yield by 21%.
Roland Schössler, Irmenach (GER)
This year, we made the first application of AGROSOLution with maize on our organically managed farm.
In 2010, our region was subjected to extreme drought conditions. This could probably be considered as the main reason as to why we harvested approx. 9.5 tons more shredding material, on top of which, the material contained a slightly higher energy value..
Gerhard Mikitsch, Agricultural College; Litzlhof (AUT)
I follow organical farming procedures. This year, I applied AGROSOLution to a variety of cultures, including the potato variety Ditta. Due to the severe rainfall during the year, I was mainly concerned with the health of the tubers. The potatoes treated with AGROSOLution were significantly healthier and provided an approx. yield increase of 20%.
Albin Haidl, Modsiedl bei Waidhofen/Th. (AUT)
I was mainly fascinated by the consistency in size. In addition, I also had an increase in my potato harvest of 5t/ha.
Franz Raith, Nappersdorf (AUT)
We could not recognize any optical difference during the vegetative period. We were thus even more surprised over the yield increase of 12.4%. In 2011, we will apply AGROSOLution to pumpkin, rape, maize and cereals.
Karl Handler, St. Johann/Haide (AUT)
I applied AGROSOLution for the first time on my annual strawberry stock. The gathered experience is clear and precise. I have been planting strawberries for the last 21 years but have never seen such a strong, vital and healthy growth.
Christian Edlinger, Stainz (AUT)
From the time that I began applying AGROSOLution in my farm, the tomatoes have shown a vital growth and due to a reduction in water requirement, the plants taste has increased in intensity. The salad is significantly more compact, more resilient, with increased ability to handle weather related stress. Furthermore, the percentage of saleable goods increased, as did the storage ability.
Markus Kollmann, Graz (AUT)
Even though I already convinced myself of AGROSOLution`s functionality last year, I could once again massively increase this year’s rape yield by well above 600kg/ha.
Herbert Theurer, Modsiedl (AUT)
The superb effectiveness of AGROSOLution became clear to me already by its first application. The yield increased by approx. 9t/ha in areas where treatment of beet occurred. Furthermore, a slight increase in sugar content was also visible. I am overwhelmed.
Herbert Haferl, Auersthal (AUT)
Parallel to country variety trials for maize, I also organised an exact trial with AGROSOLution. In comparison to the control allotment, a yield increase of more than 2,500kg/ha dry maize was attained. This result became visible already during the vegetative phase, since the growth of the maize plants was significantly stronger and higher.
Hans Hieger, Diendorf bei St. Pölten (AUT)
I applied AGROSOLution 2x on my rape allotments, after the plants poor appearance in autumn. At the end of the season I had a yield of 5,200kg/ha. That was over 1,000kg/ha more than by the surrounding farms.
Josef Hubmann, Dangelsbach bei St. Leonhard/Forst (AUT)
By Triticale as well as by Barley, the root system was significantly more developed and the plants were considerably more vital. By Triticale, I harvested separately and noticed a difference of 1,100kg/ha. I am thrilled.
Gottfried Altrichter, Brunn bei Waidhofen/Th. (AUT)
On our farming estate, all cereal varieties have been treated with AGROSOLution. This year’s procedure was the same as last year, resulting once again in increased yield and better quality. It is enjoyable to work with AGROSOLution.
Leonhard Deym, Malteserorden Mailberg (AUT)
After initial skepticism, we noticed an improved root formation, stronger plants and fuller corn cobs. My final conviction came from the positive experiences of my colleagues. I will apply AGROSOLution to most of my farmland during the coming season.
Harald Roll, Mooskirchen (AUT)
Already last year, we reached a yield increase of over 20% on Soybeans, in areas where AGROSOLution was applied. Consequently the reason why this year, I made 4 applications with AGROSOLution. This certainly was worth the effort; the yield increase by the variety Cardiff was no less than 1,500kg/ha.
Markus Stadler, Reyersdorf (AUT)
My early potato variety “Frieslaender” was sprayed 2x with AGROSOLution. In comparison to the untreated part of the field, I had a yield increase of 8,900kg. This represents approx. 30%.
Anton Hubicek, Breitensee (AUT)
Due to the positive experience with AGROSOLution in my orchard in 2009, I also applied AGROSOL to my pumpkin crops. The incredible influence of this CO2 fertilizer on the plants has been confirmed during this year via the higher oil content of the pumpkins. I will apply AGROSOLution again.
Christine Reif, Krottendorf (AUT)
I applied AGROSOLution to a whole field this year. During the following vegetative period, I observed a strong and vital growth of the plants. Considering the adverse weather conditions throughout the year, we still obtained a very good harvest. I plan to use AGROSOLution again.
Josef Guggenberger, Gettsdorf (AUT)
In 2009 I experienced various deficiencies in my orchard, resulting in large amount of fruit suitable only for the press. Thanks to AGROSOLution, the orchard is significantly healthier and more vital. It is clear to me now that in the future, AGROSOLution will play an integral part in the cultivation process. In 2011, I will broaden my applications to currants and plums.
Helmut Schrank, Puch/Weiz (AUT)

Golf, Sport-, Playground

Voices from the field
The grass was thicker and greener after just 2 applications of AGROSOLution!
Rudolf Müller,
Greenkeeper Thermengolfplatz Loipersdor (AUT)
I noticed a thicker grass growth, especially in problem regions such as dry areas. In comparison to previous years, the plants showed greater resilience to drying out. I can definitely further recommend AGROSOLution as it functions exceptionally, especially in problem zones.
Harald Faldner,
Greenkeeper Golfclub Donau (AUT)
After the application of AGROSOLution (2x), the grass was deep green and significantly more dense. AGROSOLution will be applied again in the coming year, in order to further determine its effectiveness.
Thomas Urbanitsch,
Greenkeeper Traminer Golfclub Klöch (AT)
Improved efficiency in fertilizer application. The greens remained healthier through the dry period in July. I am going to use AGROSOLution again next year!
Ingo Hauff,
Greenkeeper Golfclub Lichtenau (DE)
Significant reduction in irrigation, bare patches showing full regrowth, healthier turf, clearly indicated by a deep green coloured playing field.
Simon van Dijk,
Headgreenkeeper Stromberg Golf Course (DE)
After the application of AGROSOLution, the plants showed a significantly greater resistance to dry conditions, looked healthier and more robust. In comparison to previous years, we noticed that the optical appearance of our golf grass was significantly better, due to the reduced susceptibility to dry stress. Furthermore, we required less water for irrigation. We noticed that after the application of AGROSOLution, the grass roots showed a significantly greater development in both size and complexity.
Thomas Riepl,
Greenkeeper Golfrange Tuttendörfl/Tuttenhof (AT)

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