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About AGROsolution

On december 21st 2007, company AGROsolution launched into one of the most important future markets.

Agriculture and Food!

From A for America to Z for Zambia, the interest for the “new fertilizer technology” AGROSOL is enormous. AGROsolution is already active in over 35 countries and thus belongs among the most innovative products in the agri-food sector!

Global test results and long-term studies by the most renowned institutes continue to confirm the „AGROSOL-effect.“

AGROSOL has already reached a well established size in both Germany and Austria and it is being recommended and actively sold by the most successful wholesalers. AGROSOL now belongs to and is considered as an integral part of a balanced plant care process.


It is 100% growth energy derived from natural minerals and without any chemical additives!

AGROSOL was developed to enable and promote healthy plant growth.

Plants are supplied from the outside with foil and soil fertilizers, providing for missing nutrients. As water becomes scarce and groundwater tables recede, supplying the plants with sufficient amounts of water is becoming increasingly difficult. As a consequence, artificial irrigation needs to be applied.

These two factors (supply of nutrients and water from alternative sources) have been common knowledge for quite some time. However, what is still largely unknown (especially in open land cultivation) is CO2 fertilization.

Plants need a certain CO2 balance to achieve ideal growth. The optimum level for photosynthesis is a CO2 content between 0.1 and 1.0 percent by volume. Air has a CO2 content of only 0.03 % by volume. Therefore, plants are operating way below their full potential.

The plant is literally „struggling for air“.
This is where AGROSOL comes into play.

How does AGROSOL function

AGROSOL is mixed with water and is applied onto the leaves surface via a fine spray mist. Since the discharge of CO2 takes place inside the leaf, this CO2 production does not generate a burden for the environment.

In fact, quite the opposite is true: the plant converts the CO2 into glucose and proteins, discharges higher amounts of oxygen, and thus contributes toward the „green lung“ effect. Once AGROSOL has been sprayed as a fine mist onto the leaf surface, it enters the plant via the stomata. The minerals discharge CO2 inside the plant. This boosts the production of glucose and proteins and in turn, increases the amount of oxygen discharged into the environment.


AGROSOL is mixed with water and sprayed onto the leaf surface in the form of a fine mist.

AGROSOL can be mixed with all commercially available fertilizers and plant protection materials.

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